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Mighty Yorkies Of Maryland

Breeder of Traditional, Parti and Biewer Yorkshire Terriers


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We Are Passionate About Your Pets

Breeding is our passion to bring companionship to those seeking unconditional love. As professional breeders, we do not mass produce puppies, we are driven to give quality animal care and perpetuating healthy breed lines.  We take pride in initiating the journey and bringing into this world a friend that will share your life's ups and downs.  What does this mean?  It means that we consider your Yorkies's pedigree, temperament as well as lineage and we are thorough in ensuring the right pairing that brings about the optimal genetic make-up in your ideal friend.  Because the process is deliberately planned well in advance, we take personal care to cherish the life of your family member.  Additionally, we use a head start protocol by introducing a neurological stimulus technique in the first 16 days of their life.  The technique is a methodology we adopted from Dr. Carmen Battaglia an AKC Judge and Director of AKC.  The benefit of this practice improves your puppy's tolerance to stress, provides a greater resistance to disease and contributes to a more efficient circulatory system and heartbeat.  When it's time for you to start new memories, you can be assured that you have a healthy and happy friend for years to come. 

Watch a Video from Dr. Carmen Battaglia about neurological stimulation technique.


Meet Our Girls






All our Girls and Boys are from exquisite pedigrees and European champion lines.  Our Russian girls Bella, Chloe, Pippa, Mocca are absolutely gorgeous and of rare beauty, they couldn't be more different!

We have two new traditional girls that are absolutely gorgeous. Chloe and Pippa, both have very sweet temperament and are of absolute beauty, they share the same multi champion lined father. We are very proud of our new girls. They are half sisters to Bella.

We are looking forward to beautiful litters and we will post them on our Facebook and on our Website.  Don't forget to sign up for updates and puppy information on our website and facebook page.

Molly is our Parti Yorkshire girl. She has absolutely beautiful babies and her temperament is out of this world. She is super smart and so are her babies. What a spunky and fun girl.

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Good Breeders


  • Both parents have health tests, as well as going back generations

  • Both parents have titles, confirmation, working, and temperament 

  • Has a waiting list for puppies

  • Has no issue with you meeting the parents of your prospective puppies

  • Has no issue with you viewing their home, where the dogs are raised. Ask if dogs are kenneled or free roaming

  • Speaks to you about what you hope to accomplish with your puppy

  • Evaluates puppies and chooses which one will best match you and your family

  • Has a contract, will be involved going forward for life of the puppy

  • Will spend all her time and love with your baby. Touch and love is very important in their first weeks of life

  • Has puppies available right now

  • Wants to bring the puppy to you, won't let you see where they've been raised

  • Won't allow you to meet the parents

  • No proof of health testing

  • Allows you to choose the puppy without discussing what you hope to achieve 

  • No contract or return policy

  • Advertises online and has no wait list

  • No help going forward

  • Offers FREE dog or puppy with a breeding contract called Guardianship Contract, see below

  • Has mothers at different locations and they have to be returned for breeding. Be AWARE that is called a GUARDIANSHIP contract. The puppy/dog is not yours, it is the breeders. He/She will make all the decisions where and when to take them to THEIR VET. This puppy DOES NOT BELONG to YOU until she decides to retire her female or male after breeding. So please be aware and think very hard if that is what you want for your baby.


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