Meet our Traditional Girls


Bella is quiet, super smart and sweet. She has an excellent Russian

pedigree and champion lines. We are so happy and proud to have her.  Her favorite game is playing ball. She could play all day if I would let her. Bella is super smart and a proud girl. She is AKC registered.


Chloe is a gorgeous Russian girl with exceptional champion lines. Chloe has the sweetest character, is spunky and super playful. She loves to run and play with the pack. Chloe, Bella and Pippa are half sisters.  

Sweet Pippa is just the cutest love bug. She is out of the world adorable and her babies are stunning. Her temperament is sweet, spunky and loving. She is Chloes and Bella's half sister. She comes also from a house of champions. Her daddy is a multiple russian champion lined sire, same as Chloes. 



Stormy is still a puppy and has some growing to do. She is a beauty just like her mama, Bella comes from Russia with an absolute amazing bloodline, she has exquisite dark coloring. Her daddy is Nico the Mighty, that also has outstanding bloodlines.  Stormy has a sweet and fun disposition and is trying to be bossy to her little pack. This little girl makes us laugh all day long and is always up for a mischief.  She is also super snuggly and loves her belly rubs. We love this little girl so much and she is definitely  a daddy's girl. Little Stormy still has to do some growing before she is ready to be a mama.


Mischa just joined our pack and is from excellent (Russian) European champion lines. She is a very dark beauty and is of sweet, loving nature. Mischa already fits in with our happy pack and we cannot wait what the future brings. We are super excited that she joined our family.

Meet Our Parti Girl



Molly left us a gorgeous girl that will carry on her beautiful genes. We are super excited and cannot wait to see what the future brings. Sofie is definitely all her mama and we love her already to pieces. She has her mama's and daddy's (Milo) temperament and truly her mamas gorgeous looks.

Meet our 
Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Girl


Mocca is our Biewer Yorkie imported from the Ukraine.  She is the sweetest girl, and such a beauty.  Mocca comes form excellent pedigree and champion lines.  She is exquisite in every way.  Check out our blog below about the Biewer Yorkshire history

Meet our new Biewer Girl imported from Russia with amazing bloodline and exquisite pedigree


Kaya is imported from Belgorod (white City) Russia with exquisite pedigree and blood lines. She is a pure breed Biewer Yorkshire Terrier coming from an amazing Russian breeder. We cannot wait to spoil her and hold her in our arms. Kaya is still a puppy and will be ready to be a mama next fall 2022.

Meet our Boys

Milo is our Parti Boy. He is AKC registered and a spunky little guy. He takes circles when he is happy, how cute is that. He also loves playing ball and tug of war.


Teddy is my little stud-muffin. He is absolutely gorgeous in every way. My little man is AKC registered and comes from excellent pedigree. He has stunning babies and I cant wait what the next litter will bring.



Sweet Nico is all  grown up and turned into a dark and handsome boy. We are so excited about his champion blood line. He is super adorable, sweet, spunky and of course cuddly. He is mamas cuddle bug :). 

Meet our 
Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Boy
KIPO (Sweetheart)


Kipo is a treasure, imported from Russia. He is our Biewer Yorkshire Boy with excellent champion line and show potential. He is trained to work in a show environment and walks like a champ. We love all our boys, but this little guy is super loving and wants to be sweet on his mama all the time. He definitely loves the ladies, does not matter if they have two or four legs. Please check out or blog to find out more about the Biewer History.