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Choosing A Male Or Female Yorkshire Terrier

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

The issue of Sex – Male vs Female Yorkie

Yorkies can be a challenge, any Yorkie lover will tell you that. A challenge that is well worth it. Yorkies are bundles of love and affection that never want to leave your side. They are so sweet and wonderful that you will forgive any challenge they set for you. That is why it is so important to select the correct Yorkie to match your needs. One of the many factors that go into choosing the right Yorkie is what sex your Yorkie should be.

It’s important to note that these are generalizations on Yorkies. Every Yorkie will have its own personality and quirks that may not fit these generalizations.

This is just a guide to help you get started.

***I receive many inquiries from people looking for a female Yorkie puppy. When I ask WHY?

Their response is: It’s because the males “mark” and “hump” or that females are sweeter, make better pets or I can dress them up. (I dress my boys up as much as I dress my girls)

Many people don’t realize that in the wild, a dog pack is usually run by females. The females in the pack determine the pack pecking order and they compete to keep their positions or to move up in the order. The Yorkshire Terrier is a breed–that was bred to hunt rats in England; to be independent, feisty, and real go-getters. All this makes females more stubborn, territorial, and bossy. Females are usually more “alpha” in their behaviors and show their dominance by fighting, “humping”, and urine “marking”. (yes, females do mark!) Some females also tend to have hormonal mood swings. Some days they are sweet and loving; other days they just don’t want your cuddles.  Most fights that happen between dogs are two females and rarely between two males. Hence the reason the dog term “bitch” is used in a bad way.

Males, on the other hand, are more affectionate and always seeking your attention. All my favorite dogs have been males because they are so loving and get very attached to their family. Males are truly loyal and loving companions. Males also retain their puppy playfulness as adults and are very eager to please you – which makes training them so much easier. Males are more fun-loving and take to children and other pets readily. Males are also less “bossy” and don’t bark as much as females.

If a male is neutered early (before 8-15 months old) he will rarely show those behaviors of fighting, “humping” or urine “marking” by lifting his leg. Some boys, that have been neutered early never learn to lift their leg because there is no testosterone after neutering. Some vets, will do early neutering at 15-20 weeks of age. This is becoming a very popular choice with families wanting a pet male, especially since there is less bleeding, fewer complications, and because the puppies heal so fast and never develop those undesirable behaviors.

To top it off, males are usually less expensive. Probably because of the idea that some people have about wanting females and also because there is a tendency in Yorkies to have more males than females in each litter.

The choice of neutering early is yours, however, making the choice to early comes with a risk. For example, it has been proven that neutering or spaying early can cause growth issues, such as longer limbs, hip problems or bone issues. I have an article included, to help make the best decision for you and your new family friend. Remember that it’s also important to discuss with your vet.

I found the belly bands from Amazon and Chewy a life saver. I recommend my puppy family of boys to use belly bands for the transition until their puppy is neutered and learn to pee on the right spot. I have included the links for the belly bands from Amazon and Chewy.

All these points are to consider when trying to find a puppy, of either sex, for your family. Your puppy should fit your lifestyle and personality – you will be living with your Yorkie for years to come. Whatever your choice is, a Yorkie from Mighty Yorkies of Maryland will be healthy, well socialized and loving to you and your family.


Birgit Lujan

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So true! When I had 5 yorkies 2 boys 3 girls the boys would sit back and watch the girls fight!

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