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What is a Russian Salon Dog.

The Russian Salon Dog

The Russian Salon Dog is a relatively new breed of dog, created in the early 21st century by crossing Yorkshire Terriers with Shih Tzu and a few other toy breeds. The Russian Kennel Federation recognized the breed in 2013. This is a spirited little dog with an outgoing and friendly nature. They are also highly empathic and will adapt to the mood of their owner. All they ask in return is they be given plenty of attention, affection and company – this is a dog that needs lots of quality time with their human family! Russian Salon Dogs are also obedient and take well to training.

Salons are said to keep themselves rather clean, although there is certainly a larger-than-normal amount of upkeep if one is to keep them in a full coat. Full coats must be bathed at least once every couple of weeks, and the hair on the face should be washed even more frequently! The coat does not shed, which means it must be brushed daily to keep it from getting large tangles. Interestingly, the standard includes three different hair cuts that the dogs are allowed to be exhibited in. The long coat, the “carre” which is a blunt bob cut, or the sporting cut which allows much of the body to be clipped short. This last cut allows for much easier upkeep for owners preferring to keep the dog in a shorter clip while still being allowed to show the dog if desired. Whatever the length, the coat should be straight and soft and should have “a small amount of undercoat”.

The Russian Salon tends to get along well with other animals and are usually happy, carefree and generally well-balanced. They’re friendly with other dogs, cats and small pocket pets including birds. They adapt very well as city dogs and usually have no issue fitting into an apartment or similar-sized home. While they do appreciate a small yard to play in, they can still have fun with a game of fetch in the kitchen of a small studio! Their minuscule size also makes it easy to take them on trips or vacations. Just make sure to keep them from harm – that small size also means they’re more delicate and prone to accidents.

In appearance, the Russian Salon Dog is a tiny breed, standing from 7 to 11 inches tall. He has small, triangular prick ears. Coat colors include both solid colors (with red preferred but also can be cream or sable) and bi-colors (white with red). The red color appears anywhere on the spectrum from “solid” red, cognac, wheaten, fawn, light red or golden. Intense colors are preferred and they should be evenly distributed throughout the coat. A dark mask or dark tail is acceptable in any dog. While sable is a recognized color, it is less encouraged than the other options. This said, younger sable puppies often start out with more dark hairs and gradually become lighter with age.

Photo By Галина Никишина

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