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Yorkie Training 101: New Puppy Tips

Updated: May 4, 2023

Welcoming a new Yorkie puppy to the family is exciting for everyone, including the puppy. Yorkies are adorable tiny fur babies who love held and cuddled. Every puppy learns how to act and behave in certain situations.

10 Yorkie Puppy Training Tips

When they learn manners and basic commands the puppy knows what to do in different situations. When they know the right way to act they are less likely to get into trouble. Teaching dogs manners is easy to do with these suggestions.

These tips are for all puppies of any age.

  1. Yorkies learn easily at a young age when we use affection for praise.

  2. Gentleness and handling is essential because of the puppy’s size and delicate bones.

  3. Never yell at a puppy or hit a puppy for any reason.

  4. Always make sure the puppy is held in a reassuring gentle but firm hold so they do not jump from your arms or lap to injury.

  5. Puppies who are not old enough to start obedience training can start learning a few basic commands after they reach the running playing age of 6 or 8 weeks old.

  6. Learning manners helps puppies have a head start to becoming a well-behaved adult.

  7. Teach puppies how to greet visitors by socializing the puppy out of the house on a leash in public places. The more happy positive socializing a young puppy experiences the friendly they are as adults.

  8. Show and tell the puppy what you want by gently placing the puppy in position as you tell them a command you want them to learn.

  9. Praise the pup even though you put them in sit or lay position until they show you they learned what you ask.

Don’t forget to check out our other training tips. And remember to praise, be gentle and consistent.

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