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The loss of our beloved Mimi

Updated: May 4, 2023


💔💔💔We are mourning the loss of our sweet Mimi. She was taken from us way to soon. I am posting this to educate others so they don’t have to experience this painful loss of their beloved pet. We have a beautiful garden and our babies love running around and play. Couple of days ago Mimi came from the outside and started sneezing uncontrollably. It was constant for hours, I figured something aggravated her sinuses so I gave her Benadryl. In the morning it was so bad she sneezed on my shirt with a pink discharge, so I took her to my regular veterinarian. Bloodwork and xrays did not show any abnormal signs, after a two day stay, the vet called and said her breathing is getting worse and she should go to a 24 hour supervised emergency veterinarian clinic. She said she was puzzled because her bloodwork and xrays were normal. I told the Vet that it looks like an allergic reaction to something. When I went back to pick up Mimi she said she found a red bump on her neck and it looked like a botfly larvae. She tried to remove it with gel and tweezers and I asked if it should be cut out? Her response was NO.

When I arrived at the emergency veterinarian clinic, I explained to the night shift veterinarian what happened and that Mimi needed immediate care, she had a larvae stuck in her neck and it looks like she has an allergic reaction. She laughed and giggled and told me how gross and that Mimi is not her priority, she is on the bottom of her list. I begged her to please take it out and at least look at her, but I received the same answer, sorry no, we have more important cases than her. She is NOT a concern. At midnight she called and said Mimi is getting worse her liver results are sky high and she needed to see an internal specialist and that I needed to take her to the Towson emergency Pet-ER in the morning.  At 7:30 am when I arrived to pick up Mimi the vet on duty said she is in such bad shape it’s better not to move her and to wait until she’s stable. He sent me home at lunchtime to rest and said that Mimi is in good hands. When I was home for an hour the Vet called and said it’s very bad; so we drove back to say good bye to our sweet, sweet Mimi.

The Veterinarian on duty was compassionate and so understanding of our pain losing our Mimi.  

By removing the larvae the first Vet got only part of it. The other half was cut off and still stuck in Mimis neck. This other half caused Mimi’s immune system to poison her body and shut down her organs. The results showed that Mimi’s organs failed because the other half of the larvae the Vet didn’t remove caused the traumatic reaction.

‼️There is a specific way to remove the larvae so it doesn’t poison the pet. ‼️

This is a rare case, she said she only experienced it twice and Mimi was one of them.

I feel so guilty not noticing it sooner. I brush them daily, groom my babies myself and bathe them. Mimi wore a collar and that’s why I didn’t notice it right away. I don’t know if that would have changed anything; one action caused a chain reaction.

Mimi would still be with us if the two Veterinarians would have done the right thing.

‼️Every Vet should know how to remove a botfly larvae the right way. Professionalism as well as compassion should never be laking in a Veterinarian.  Most pet parents know their pets, it would help all Vets sometimes to listen and take action instead of presuming they know best‼️

This can happen to humans too and I included a link with important information about these cases. If this information saves one pet and family from going through this, Mimi’s death would not be in vain.

Hug and love your babies because you never know when they will take their last breath. I never thought I would have to go through so much pain, so fast. My Mimi was only 2 1/2 years old, our hearts are broken, we miss her so much, my little love bug, my little Houdini and sweet angel. Fly high and we will see you again one day, my sweet baby. We see you again.💔💔💔

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Oh Birgit -- I am sooo sorry. I know what it is like to lose a lovebug like MiMi. I am sorry for your pain, and I know how awful it is. My best wishes to you. It takes a long time for the angst to go. I still am in pain over my Sigi's loss and even though we have adopted a Yorkie-Jack Russell who no one else would take, we miss Sigi and Pucci and are waiting for a new arrival so day soon.


Thoughts and prayers going out to you! So sorry for your loss of MiMi, gone too soon.She was a beautiful baby girl.😢

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