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Something everyone should know about joint development in puppies!

When your eight or ten-week-old pup comes to you, remember this photo. Images a very young puppy and shows how early dogs are at this age. Their bones don't even touch yet. This is why puppies are so sweet around us on their clumsy big paws - because their joints consist entirely of muscles, tendons and ligaments covered with skin. Nothing fits closely together yet and the pan and joints are not fully shaped yet.

Exaggerating running or not limiting traffic and keeping a puppy from physical practice means that we are depriving the dog of the chance of developing properly. Every big jump or exciting jumping is a bone collision. In reasonable doses, this is not a problem and only contributes to normal use of the organism that everyone is dealing with.

However, when we let a puppy jump up and down from a couch or bed or take him for long walks and hiking - we damage the forming joints. When we let a puppy slip on tiles where there is no grip - we damage his joints.

You only have one chance to help him grow up. A well-built dog is the result of two factors: careful breeding and careful education. Both factors, not one.

After your pup grows up, you'll have the rest of your life together for fun and all that require exercise. However, when he is still a puppy, approach things calmly, you only have one chance to give him this gift.

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